Category: Ghana

Date: Monday, July 11, 2016

Location: Wenchi, Ghana

Grant Amount: US$140,000

AMYA Agro Plus Limited (AAPL) Ghana commenced operations in 2014. It has its operation base at Wenchi (latitude 7.7420° N longitude 2.1008° W) the capital of Wenchi Municipal of the Brong-Ahafo Region in middle-belt of Ghana. Wenchi is a distance of approximately 422 km (about 7 hours 10 minutes) from Accra). It is about 30 km north of Techiman and about 50 km east of the Ivory Coast border.  

Led by a woman, AAPL specializes in the production and processing of cassava. Among the cassava finished products of the company are fortified ‘gari’ (cassava grit) and by-products ‘kokonte’ (dry cassava chips) and ‘Atieke’. AAPL also produces maize, which it preserves and sells later as “dry grain.” It seeks to build a strong brand of high quality processed cereals and target specific segments in its current markets, such as cereals for different ages, different mealtimes (breakfast, lunch/supper) and income brackets. Majority of the company’s end-products (like gari) is sold in wholesale markets in Burkina Faso.

AAPL’s “Business Vision” is “to be the leading agro-processing brand in the West African sub region.” Its “Business Mission” is “to produce and develop high quality agro-products consistently for the local and international market, and provide services to farmers so as to establish a sustainable and processed staples value chain.” The company is managed by highly qualified team with a Board of Directors made up of international experts overseeing the management. Also, it benefits immensely from the expertise of its co-founder who is a renowned soil chemist that is passionate about nutritious food security in the West African sub-region. Downstream, the company offers its customers value for money with a competitively priced product borne out of a highly efficient production process. Through the adoption of a value chain approach, AAPL’s business is designed to address the needs of its target wholesale markets in Ghana and Burkina Faso. Its operations are vertically integrated for cost efficiency and high quality.

In support of its value chain project tagged “Expansion of cassava production, processing diverse products for local and West Africa markets,” AAPL applied to and received approval for AFT grant worth US$140,000 in July 2016. The grant package is to fund the identified key project preparation activities, namely: a) feasibility studies (including technical, financial and market studies; and b) environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA). The planned project seeks to upscale AAPL’s initial productivity successes and improve the efficiency of its processed cassava value chain. Apart from its partnership with the African Development Bank (AfDB), AAPL also collaborates with several organizations, including the West Africa Food Markets, CSIR/Food Research Institute, CSIR/Soil Research Institute, Methodist University College, AGRA, Cassava Adding Value for Africa (CAVA), and the Universal Concern.

Within the next two years, AAPL aims to establish itself as the supplier of choice for high quality cassava products. In the long term, it company expects to become profitable in its existing markets and will seek to diversify its product range to include processed maize, replicating its successful experiences in new product markets in the West African sub-region. Further, AAPL intends to develop a strong brand of high quality processed cereals to target specific segments in its current markets, including “cereals for different ages, different mealtimes” and for people of different income brackets.