Category: Ghana

Date: Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Location: Accra, Ghana
Grant Amount: US$470,000.00

IWAD Ghana Limited (IWAD), a limited liability company and a wholly owned subsidiary of African Tiger Holding Limited (ATHL), is an active investor in Northern Ghana engaging in agribusiness with the introduction of large scale modernized irrigation farming. The company’s line of agribusiness is stated in its mission, which is “… to expand commercially viable irrigation practices in Northern Ghana through delivery of high quality irrigation support, new technology development and knowledge transfer, promoting water and energy use efficiency, sustainability and securing farmer revenues for both Smallholders and Nucleus Estates.” Over the five years of its operation, IWAD has tested and selected a range of crops that are suited to the ecology of the Kulpawn river basin and supported by its four irrigation systems – centre pivots, flood, drip and sprinklers. The crop selection includes sugar cane, cereals (maize, sorghum, and rice), legumes (cowpeas, soybeans), vegetables (onions, carrots).

IWAD currently operates a flagship 400 hectare irrigated nucleus out-grower farm estate in Yagaba (Mamprugu-Moagduri District of the Northern Region of Ghana). The nucleus estate is focused on the production of quality seeds while the smallholders focus on the production of non-seed crops such as rice and maize for consumption.

As a registered seed producing company, IWAD is a center for seed production and marketing and is active in six main seed crops: maize, soya, sorghum, rice, cowpea, and groundnut. In addition to growing seeds for the general market, IWAD is also contracted to produce seeds for companies, research institutions, and government agencies (Ministry of Food and Agriculture).

In November 2017, IWAD became an AFT grant award winner following the approval by the AFT Technical Review Committee of a grant worth four hundred and seventy thousand United States of America dollars (US$470,000.00) for IWAD’s project “Savannah Commercial Irrigation and Smallholder Development.” The activities being supported under the AFT Grant consists of a) hydrological study + soil study and analysis topology + civil, and mechanical an electrical engineering designs; and b) the market assessment and investment advisory. These specified activities being sponsored by the grant identify with the business model of the parent project: supporting “irrigation farming businesses,” “development of industrial processing capacity,” “creation of economic value from agricultural activities,” and “development of irrigation farming, nucleus/out-grower development.” The grant implementation has reached an advanced stage.

Under partnership with the African Development Bank, IWAD will enter the next phase in which it aims to take the tested commercial agricultural practice of the flagship to scale, while also introducing innovations that recognize customary/traditional land ownership systems in the provision of water use services to smallholder farmers. The scale-up of the initial flagship will cover 12,000 hectares (6000 ha at the first phase and additional 6000 ha at the second phase of development) in the basin of the White Volta River. The project is expected to benefit, among others, 5,000 farmers in the rain-fed areas around the irrigated farm estate who directly receive an input package to cultivate food crops during the wet season. Also expected to benefit are additional 5,000 farmer who will be integrated into lucrative crop value chains.