Category: Mozambique

Date: Thursday, September 11, 2014

The AFT supports Odebrecht Integrated Poultry Production project due to their strong impact on local communities in Mozambique. With 2,300 Mozambicans in Health and Safety, Environment, Quality and Psychology at Work, the company is looking to create over 4,000 jobs locally.

Grant Recipient: Odebrecht
Location: Maputo, Mozambique
Grant Amount: US$ 555,000
Investment Size: US$ 82,000,000

Odebrecht is a diversified Brazilian company with investments in agroindustry. The company has defined Mozambique as strategic place for new investments. Their goal is to offer a good quality chicken, with an integrated poultry project in a bid to meet a growing demand for cheap protein sources, offering chicken from domestic production.

Odebrecht seek to develop an integrated poultry production, processing and distribution division, Mozambique. The company has conceived the project as an anchor and it will be divided in 4 units along the poultry value chain: Crop Production (soy and maize at Farm Unit), Feed Production (Factory), Chickens farms (fertile eggs, Hatchery and Poultry), Slaughtering and processing (Abattoir).

AFT support will allow Odebrecht to complete a series of preparation studies, including: feasibility studies, environment and Social Impact Assessment and market research.